Pool sessions

Club weekly pool session every Wednesday evening.

It is also open to the general public.We would prefer you to contact us at the emails below right to organise each session. .

Newcomers are welcome to come along and try kayaking, and be shown basic safety procedures. Club members are encouraged to practice and improve their paddling technique. Experienced guests are also welcome.

Those over 16 should be able to demonstrate they can swim 50 metres clothed.

Children between 12 - 16 years old are welcome as long as they are able to swim 25 metres, and accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the session.

All equipment is provided. You just need to bring your fee, a swimming costume, synthetic T-shirt. A towel and a 20p piece for the locker. Please let John or Guy know you are coming; see contact details below

The primary role of our pool sessions is to introduce newcomers to basic strokes and complete the safety capsize drill in preparation for safe paddling with the Club on the Thames. 


If you haven't kayaked before, or have only done the occasional paddle, this the perfect place to give it a try. This is a very relaxed session where you can try out the boats and experience paddling in a warm, controlled environment.

After two or three sessions and sufficient skills, newcomers may progress to paddling with us on the Thames.

If you are new to paddling, we need to take you through safety drills, rescue procedures and basic skills before going out on the Thames. We won't let you paddle on the Thames with us until you have successfully completed the safety capsize drillsl.

We check that you can safely get out of your kayak in case of a capsize. This is very easy, but it's essential that you have the confidence to do this in the event of a capsize on a river or in the sea. You may find this video helpful.

Training is in 3 stages 
  1. Basic safety and rescue in preparation for paddling on the river; wet exits, spray deck tests, eskimo rescues and deep water rescues. 
  2. Basic paddling; elements of forward paddling,emergency stops and reverse paddling, low brace support to avoid capsize, sweep strokes, 
  3. More advanced strokes, low brace turn and bow rudders, support strokes. 

We can also teach you how to do an 'X rescue' and if you are adventurous you can try an Eskimo roll. There are many videos on youtube showing how to do this. Experienced paddlers will offer advice and assistance.

Experienced Paddlers

We use our pool session to check newcomers with prior experience are competent to paddle with us on the Thames.

Come along to the pool to improve your paddling skills and rolling. 

The pool is very useful to practice safety and rescue moves and advanced strokes. If you have any particular skills that you wish acquire please ask us at the beginning of the session.

Session Costs in cash only please 

£6    PBCC or Blades member
£3    Junior members
£10  Guest
£5    Junior Guest

Cash payable to George at the beginning of the session.


20:30 – 21:30  every Wednesday throughout the year. Please arrive at before 20:00


Janet Adegoke Centre
Bloemfontein Road
Shepherds Bush
W12 7DB

Transport & Parking

There is good off street parking inside the sports centre grounds at £2 for two hours, with £1.80 of this is refunded by the centre if you present the parking ticket stub to the reception desk.

Bus 283 runs past the Centre. Tube lines White City and Wood Lane are both are 12 minutes away by foot.

What to bring: 

All equipment is provided except clothing. There are a variety of boats, paddles and decks available. You just need to bring your fee in cash, a swimming costume and towel and 20p (non refundable) for the locker.

Swimming goggles and nose clips can help if you are planning to practice a lot of rolling. but aren't essential. Many people also like to wear a technical top or t-shirt but isn't essential either.

If you wish to bring your paddle or boat you are welcome but note access restrictions limit us to no longer than 2.5 metres. Please thoroughly wash your boat with clean water before bringing it to the pool.

At the session

Please arrive at least 30 minutes berforehand to check-in and pay George in good time. Get changed and select a boat to be ready in good time. Cash payable to George at the beginning of the session. He is normally found just to the right of the door when you enter the pool reception. 

Once changed, go into the pool area, and turn right to the end of the pool. The boats are stored in a secure area just outside the back door, but someone will help you choose a suitable boat, spray deck and paddle. If you are left handed, please make this clear as the paddles are different. If you are new, someone will help you adjust foot rests etc. and get onto the water.

Contacts for further details

John: PBCC_info@yahoo.co.uk

Guy:  douglasguy03@gmail.com  

            0754 837 9228

Janet Adegoke centre Pool – W12 7DB