Race boats and surfskis

These racing kayaks are available for member to members to take on sessions on the Thames or to hire for a small fee for races or training elsewhere. They are located in the specified containers as indicated below.
The wobble factors are taken from manufacturers specifications where available.
NameColourLocationWobble factorNotesPhoto
Kirton Talisman K1black/yellowGreen container8Current specification
2014 web page
Acquired in 2014
Kirton Meister K2black/yellowGreen container72014 web page
Acquired in 2014
Marsport HobbyblackGreen container8Acquired in 2011, but not sure if this is a Mark 1 or a Mark II
Epic V8 surf skiWhiteOrange container10SpecificationsEpic V8
Epic V8 surf skiWhiteGreen container10Specifications
Acquired in 2022
Epic V8
Rapide (Blue streak)Blue!Orange container9Very old (maybe from the 1970s?) and quite fragile and a little heavy, but very stable, so an excellent choice for beginners in race boats or more experienced racers in less ideal conditions on the Thames