Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks

These sea kayaks are available for members to take on sessions on the Thames or for members to hire for a small fee. They are located in the specified containers.

The lengths and paddler weights are taken from manufacturers specifications where available, but please always make sure that you fit comfortably before taking the kayak on a trip! For example, a tall thin paddler may be within the weight range specified, but not be able to extend the foot rests sufficiently.
NameColourLocationPaddler weightLengthNotesPhoto
Rainbow LasergreenGreen container??5.15Current specification for the 5.15 Expedition Acquired: March 2015
(2015 web page)
Rainbow Laseryellow/orangeGreen container??5.15Current specification for the 5.15 Expedition Acquired: March 2015
(2015 web page)
Rainbow Atlantis Expedition (double)Yellow (Gialla in Italian!)Green container??5.45Current specification
Affectionately known as "the unsinkable yellow double".
This boat is very heavy (38 Kg) and we recommend that 4 people carry it where possible.
The front seat can be more uncomfortable for some people than the rear so a swap at some point if you are on a long trip can be a good idea.
The rudder is controlled by the rear paddler.
Acquired 2012
Valley Aquanaut LVorangeGreen container64 to100 Kg5.21Specifications
Acquired 2012
Aquanaut LV
Valley Aquanaut ClubyellowGreen container??5.21From this page : [The club] suits most paddlers as it is between the Aquanaut HV & LV in size and is very similar in size to the standard Etain. It is stable yet fast and tracks well in the water.
No solid information available on the way back machine.
Acquired 2010
Venture Islay 14red (Previously described as Orange?)Green containerUp to 130 Kg4.27Specifications for the different models
And ours is an: Islay 14
Venture Islay 14
P&H CapellaorangeGreen container??5.05 ??Acquired 2008
There were many different models of the Capella from this period. Perhaps it is the RM 166
Capella RM 166
Dagger Stratos 14.5redGreen containerUp to 143 Kg4.42Current Specification
Dagger Stratos 14.5
Tiderace Pace 17 Tourred/whiteGreen container80 to 110 kg5.22Specifications.
Acquired 2020
Tiderace Pace 17 Tour
P&H Leo (Medium)turquoiseGreen containerUp to 110 Kg4.87"The Leo is a versatile, 3 hatch cruising sea kayak with superb initial and progressive secondary stability, ample gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, and an extremely comfortable cockpit with plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys or travel between play spots along a coastline."
Current specification
2022 Model
P& H Leo
P&H Virgo (Medium)orangeGreen containerUp to 100 Kg4.43"A Polyethylene Sea Kayak That Takes Day & Weekend Trips Seriously."
Current specification
2022 model.
Has a skudder
P&H Virgo
Weekender (GRP)RedGreen container45 to 90 Kg ??4.4A favourite for paddling on the Thames.
Very delicate boat, so please remember that the boat needs to be fully afloat while getting in and out.
It is suitable for up to F4 conditions. Originally with a rudder, which has now been removed.