Committee and other officers

Committee members: Dec 2023 - Dec 2024

Members of the committee are announced every year at the AGM

Fi Ritchie

  • Chairperson : Members views, wishes and concerns. 
Co-ordinate the work of the Committee

  • British Canoeing: Management of the club's affiliation with British Canoeing.

Paola Bernoni

  • Secretary : Club contact for new members and enquiries. AGM and Committee Minutes

David Creasy

  • Treasurer : Managing the club’s income and controlling expenditure, and maintaining accounts as required by the Constitution and by the Charity Commission

  • Website Manager: Updating information on Club website, promoting the Club online and any other business relating to the Club website, Club email group and all social media activities

  • Membership Secretary: Administration of membership, liaison with Treasurer regarding membership subscriptions and other income, maintenance of members’ personal data.

Simon Moses

  • Equipment Officer: Kayak and equipment booking, recording problems with club’s boats and other equipment, purchasing
    spare parts, effecting repairs and maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all the club’s boats and other
    equipment. Maintenance of the containers, stand-pipe and annual clear-up. Disposal of redundant
    club’s boats and other equipment in environmentally friendly manner

  • River leader

Guy Douglas

  • Pool officer : will be the point of contact with the practice pool authorities and will deal with any issues arising, including the collection of pool money

  • Lee Valley : Organising Lee Valley sessions

  • Whitewater Officer : Whitewater safety officer, trips, training and advice. Organising and providing guidance and advice on white water trips.

Stephen Hargrave

  • Racing group leader : Racing, booking of K1 / K2 kayaks, and surf skis
Darren Palmer

  • Sea kayaking : Organising and providing guidance and advice on sea kayaking trips and working with Welfare Officer to provide a comprehensive training programme for the club

  • Thames Paddles Officer: Contact for Thames paddles and representation of all River Leaders at Committee level

Suki Tan

  • River Leader : Leading Thames sessions.

Jonathan Fidler

  • River Leader : Leading Thames sessions

  • Thames safety officer : Safety officer and liaison with the Port of London Authority (PLA)

Connor Lennon

  • Welfare Officer: To be contacted directly or via any Committee Member

  • Training Officer: Organise training, assisted by Darren Palmer

Anna Ryten Hammond

  • Women's Representative: Representing female Club members

Eric Morgan

  • Sailing Club Liaison: Liaison with South Bank Sailing Club including access and use of club house and liaison with Battersea Canoe Club liaison, as required

Other officers: Dec 2023 to Dec 2024

The following members are not on the committee but perform specific duties

Phil Roast

  • Trip booking system : Manages the trip booking system

  • River Leader : Leading Thames sessions

John Richards

  • River Leader : Leading Thames sessions

  • Pool sessions : Coaching at the pool

  • Whitewater : Advice and leading whitewater trips