Circumnavigation of Hayling Island

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Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024
Time: 12:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Organiser: Darren Palmer [L]

Currently attending:

Name Boat Paddle Helmet Deck Ba Car Booking_comment
Darren Palmer [L]
Paola Bernoni Darren, as already advised by email, I will take the club's Red North Shore LV and pay the rental fee for the kit as required.
Olwen Ross [L] Boats and passengers as arranged by email.
Cathy Jacobs

Please note, this paddle is dependent on the weather and sea state, so I will update this page closer to the time. 

Hayling Island Circumnavigation Route

The previous trip was cancelled due to bad weather – this is for those kayakers that missed out due to the cancelled trip.  Phil and I have already done this twice or more and have recently done this trip with the intention of planning a sea trip for our club. This first trip is open to the more experienced regular Thames paddlers in the club who have cold water kit, including a drysuit (ideally) or wetsuit plus other gear to keep them warm in case they go into the chilly March sea. As this is the first cub sea trip for a while, the places are limited to 5, more experienced paddlers. However, if anyone wants to join that is more advanced and has transport, message me.

We will need to arrange transport between us all.

The  plan is:

Saturday 13th April
  • Meet: 10:15 at the Container or 12:30 Ferry Road Car Park, Portsea Island –
  • On The Water: 13:00
  • Approximate Paddle Time with Breaks: 4.5-6 Hours
  • Approximate Distance: 24km
  • paddle regularly on the Thames
  • know how to brace
  • know how to be rescued and ideally know how to rescue
  • be dressed for the cold water
  • bring food and snacks and ideally a hot drink
The Paddle (a detailed plan will be sent to you)

This is a tide-assisted paddle, paddling anti-clockwise around Hayling Island,  using the last two hours or so of the flooding tide to paddle up the west side of Chichester Harbour. After stopping for a leisurely lunch, we will use the ebbing tide to paddle down the east side of Langstone Harbour. A longer lunch makes the return leg easier, as the later phase of the ebbing tide is stronger. If you regularly paddle on the Thames, you should not find this paddle too difficult. However as we get less assistance it will be more tiring than the Thames paddles as it is more than twice the distance.

For the most part, we will be sheltered when paddling in the harbours, but we will be more exposed to weather conditions when we paddle east along the south coast of Hayling Island. This first paddle is not for beginners, so provided we are not facing swell greater than 2 meters or wind greater than F4, we will go ahead with the paddle. I will update this page once we have a better idea of the conditions.

Drills Drills and Drills

Sea Kayaking Drills

Once we have completed the circumnavigation there will be an opportunity to practice some drills such as rolling in cold water, deep water rescues such as heel hook, towing, edging or anything else you might want to try. Though it feels difficult to do these drills at the end of the paddle when we are tired, it really is the perfect time as when you’re tired you are more likely to go in, so practicing when tired might just save your life one day.

You can read about our latest trip to circumnavigate Hayling Island here:


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