Website and IT help for committee members

Email addresses

Group email addresses for between members

For communication between members we use the following email addresses that are set up in membermojo. People who are not current members cannot send or receive these emails:

Publicly available email addresses

Membermojo email addresses cannot be used by non members, so we have the following email addresses hosted by our internet provider:

To use one of these email addresses, either use the webmail interface (with the email address as the username) or set up and imap account on you email client with the following parameters:

  • Mail server username: (e.g. info, pool…)
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Supported incoming mail protocols: IMAP over SSL/TLS, using port 993
  • Supported outgoing mail protocols: SMTP over SSL/TLS, using port 465

In both cases, you will need get the password from the website administrator