Trip Booking System Help

If you are a member of the club, you will receive a link to the booking system we use for Thames sessions and other trips.

The booking system is different from our membership system, so you will have a separate login from that system, but please use the same email address.

When you book your first trip, the screen will look like this:

so enter your name, phone number, email and comment. The comment, email address and phone number will only be seen by the trip organiser, but your “Name” will be seen by other club members. Please remember to click the consent box too (your email address and phone number are stored on our system). An email will be sent to the trip organiser with your details and you should receive a confirmation email too. In addition, a user account is automatically created on the system with a random password.

When you come to book your next event, the same screen appears, but if you try and use the same email address, a message appears: 

but you can’t login because you don’t know your password. So, click on the link to sign in and then for “Lost your password” to reset it and then you can login using your email address and newly created password.