Using the Race Boats

Club race boats can only be used on the Thames at Putney when there is a beach area for the whole duration of the paddle.

Using the Race Boats

Unfortunately our new boats have already sustained some slight damage – scratching to the deck which is likely be from lifting on or off the racking, and also scratches on the hull around the front of the boat. The hull scratches are almost certainly due to somebody scraping the boat against the river bottom while sitting in the boat.

Adjusting the K1 and K2

Please be very careful how you adjust and sit in the kayaks before getting on the water. Check the rudder and particularly the under stern rudder is not ‘sitting’ on the ground.

Paddle wings

The club has some racing paddles for optimum performance. Used properly in the right kayak these paddles are estimated to give a 5% gain in performance. However they expensive and fragile. so only to be used for racing kayaks.

Starting off

Please remember that the boat needs to be fully afloat while getting in and out; ideally in a foot of water to clear the rudder from hitting the ground. If you get in and find your weight has caused the boat to ground then you shouldn’t just push the boat off, you need to get back out, move it into deeper water, and then get back in again.

Returning to the shore at the end of a paddle

You need to get a leg out and stop the boat before it hits the ground. If you don’t feel stable enough to do this then use the paddle to steady yourself while getting a leg down.

While paddling

Please stay far enough away from the shore that you can avoid running into bricks and other debris that might be on the shore. All this may mean that you need assistance to steady the boat while launching and recovering. Don’t be shy, do ask. It might also mean that you have the occasional unplanned dunking in the river, and you will certainly get wet legs.

Take care

Please do take care of the race boats, they’re not cheap and we hope they will last many years. We also recognize that they will get scratched in normal use and don’t want people to be scared of this, but they do need a lot more care than the plastic boats.